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Bryan and Nikki
5AM - 9AM
Bryan Scott & Nikki Montgomery


Bryan Scott
Bryan is the poster boy for why you should go to college and further your education...he did not! He believed someone, somewhere, would pay him for doing something he really enjoyed doing.

Nikki Montgomery
5AM - 9AM
Bryan and Nikki.
I'm a first time mom so I have lots of questions, read my baby blog and share your advice! Plus, check out my Twitter and Facebook pages right from my WDEZ webpage.

Nikki Montgomery WDEZ

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Vanessa Ryan
Monday - Saturday 9AM - 2PM
E-quest Vanessa

Country Music News Podcast
Vanessa Ryan Interviews


Joe Cassady
Monday thru Saturday 2PM - 6PM
Central Wisconsin's favorite afternoon air personality.

Your afternoons should be Funtabulous!

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Terry Stevens
6PM- Midnight 7 days a week & whenever one of my co-workers calls in well.
Working nights? Me too!

Things I dig:

Hanging with my wife and kids.

Playing Magic: The Gathering, Pen and Paper Role-Playing Games and video games.

Watching pro-wrasslin', MMA and cartoons.

Reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on, especially sci-fi, RPG books, graphic novels, and books about advertising.


Greg Adams
Monday through Saturday 10PM - 2AM

I was born and raised in Northern Michigan, actually, right across Lake Michigan... When I was in 7th grade, my teacher went around the room and asked students what they wanted to do for a career. One of the kids next to me said astronaut, one of the other kids said lawyer, both lofty goals, and all I said was that 'I want to get paid to be myself.' My teacher yelled at me and told me she 'didn't think I would ever have a career with that attitude' Yeah, nice job Mrs. Dani... whoa, I guess I don't need to call her out now...but let's just say, SCOREBOARD! I love being able to talk to so many people in one day, being able to make someone laugh, and playing requests...I like the fact that I can roll out of bed and share a day with so many people! Thank you guys for listening!

Polka Jamboree

Sundays from 7:00am-12:00 noon
Polka Jamboree

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Thanks for listening to WDEZ's Polka Jamboree, heard every Sunday morning from 7:00am-12:00 noon. Look for details of the 26th Anniversary Dance coming up March 19th and 20th.