Terry Stevens

6PM- Midnight 7 days a week & whenever one of my co-workers calls in well.

Working nights? Me too!

Things I dig:

Hanging with my wife and kids.

Playing Magic: The Gathering, Pen and Paper Role-Playing Games and video games.

Watching pro-wrasslin', MMA and cartoons.

Reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on, especially sci-fi, RPG books, graphic novels, and books about advertising.

Score 5000 WDEZ Club Points with Terry's Triple Play Keyword!

Every weeknight between 6pm and Midnight, Terry will give you 3 different words. Punch the word that's connected to all three words into the WDEZ Club and win!

Example: basket, base, snow = ball

Did you get stumped by the last TTPK? Listen the following night at 6:45pm for a hint, and the night after that for the answer!

Make up your own Terry's Triple Play Keyword puzzles and send them to terry.stevens@mwcradio.com! If I use yours on the air, you score extra Points!

Heard any good (or not so good) jokes lately? Send them to terry@wdez.com for a shot at extra WDEZ Club Points!

Listen for Terry's Keyword Comedy Club every Thursday night between 6pm and 10pm for an extra 5000 Points! If Terry uses your joke, you get even more points!

Remember, clean, story jokes work best!

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Listen for Terry's Sing-A-Long Bonus Keyword weeknights between 6pm and 10pm! Your next 5000 WDEZ Club Points could be in the lyrics of your favorite song!

Listen for Terry's Current Events Keyword! Terry will ask you a question about something in the news today at www.wdez.com! Read the news to find the answer! Punch it in for 5000 WDEZ Club Points!
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